Monday, December 27, 2010

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Smiley's Coupe Goes To Finland

What? SHIT LEOPARD added another post with a flathead in it? I'm getting soft...

Jungle Pam

Every wannabe-blog needs a JUNGLE PAM post... I just needed a reminder of how REAL BOOBS look like.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Reversed Corvair Box For $220

If you are hotrodding and reaching the steering component arena of your build, and choose to go traditional-style (rather than cross-steer with a vega box), you likely are wanting a corvair box.

As you know it is expensive!

And you start thinking crazy thoughts like, "Maybe a F1 box will do..." DON'T BE A BITCH!

You can go the desired corvair box route and not pay $400 for a new one from Speedway (I heart Speedway, don't get me wrong).

Here's what I did:

- Buy a used Corvair box off eBay. I got mine for $120 (and it was aluminum!)
- Sent the box to Ron Pope to reverse. He did that, new seals, and greased bearings for $100, shipping included and he hit it with a coat of metallic silver spray paint too
- BAM! RESULT: You have a BAD MOTHERFUCKING reversed corvair box for $220 invested BITCHES!

Good luck.

2844 Hodges Ferry Rd
Kodak, TN 37764

Check him out on the web at WWW.EZTBUCKET.COM he has some ridiculous prices on little shit you need at way below even Speedway or eBay prices.

NOTE: When I got the corvair box on ebay, I went ahead and got a PITMAN ARM to go with it from the same seller for $30. DO THIS!!! Also, these were originally purchased in Fall 2008, and the box was reversed Fall 2010, so please don't expect to get the exact same deals I did.

Monday, December 20, 2010

News From The UNI-BONER

The UNI-BONER sent me an email letting me know he sold the Celica I crashed into drunk in my 4x4 a few years back (Sorry! But, like, I got shot and am in a wheelchair... so... all's cool right?)

Here's also his note to go along:

TITLED: Kris Loves Luxury

Fucking gold, heated leather. Bose sound system. This car is gonna smell like pussy from all of the pussy pumped in it.


Also, please remember to send my sleeveless shirt pics.

Also, for some reason he had to come over and show off his new shirt while I sat in my wheelchair a couple days ago. Yes, that tribal band on his arm are jumping dolphins...

Thursday, December 16, 2010

71 Plymouth GTX - Lemon Twist & Pissed'

Mopar's were my first OBSESSION as far as desireable muscle car's go (Hot Rod's & Muscle car's are two different categories). I love quite a few Chevy's, Ford's, and AMC's but please don't expect to see much of the afformentioned on this particular blog; I am a MOPAR MAN.

The 71/72 Roadrunner/GTX/Satellite are my favorite B-Body Chrysler's. If I pay for another Muscle car it will most certainly be a Mopar (inheriting a Chevy means not 'paying' for one, which that scenario is likely soon) and hopefully it will be one of these... My Duster doesn't need a heck of a lot of work once the 37 truck is done and the world's my oyster. RPU? T Coupe? ROAD RUNNER??? Who knows...

Here you go: 440 Wedge, 727 TorqueFlite, and 3.91 SureGrip equipped 8.75 rear. ONE BAD MUTHA.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hammered T Coupe

Chopped 10.5"!!!

Acceptable Tall T Coupe

Here's the original concept:

End result (before paint):

Friday, December 10, 2010

Trantula T Coupe

Built by Bob Bleed of Aceholes Inc. & Mad Fabricator's Society fame. The more bitchin' T Coupes I run across, the more my RPU body will gather rust and dust...

Pic found on the HAMB

Aaron Von Minden of SAVAGE SPEED's Model A Coupe

The first time I heard of Aaron and saw this coupe was on MFS Vol. 5.5 'The Live Wire Chronicles'. I had to do more research. Unfortunately I haven't found much but these pics, and I would like to share them with you. Enjoy!