Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Did You Know YELLOW Isn't Gay?

I hate yellow. With the exception of Big Nick's Truck and Milner's Coupe, I've never given a shitty rat-fuck about yellow cars.

The street rod phenomenon ruined a lot of things, one of them being this poor color that didn't do diddly shit to anyone but get it's reputation smeared like poor old Mary Jane Rotten Crotch as it was whored out to every 37 Ford and 56 Chevy with Billet Directional Wheels and painted matching bumpers in a 3,000 mile radius of Pamona, CA.

Even Billy Gibbons is sorry.

...But I love this Model A Coupe. It goes to show the right wheel/tire combo and stance go a long way people.

Pics taken from the HAMB.

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