Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Jeff Norwell's Diamond Deuce

Jeff Norwell is my favorite artist. Aside from having an artistic eye, he also has an eye for hot rods with perfect proportion, color, attitude, and internal combustion motivation. This 32 Pick Up shown below has been a huge inspiration for the HOT ROD HAULER.

Jeff, whatever set of shoes you put on her, she's always ready to dance!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Dual-Snorkel Hood Scoop

These run $279.99 with mounting hardware. These came on 71-72 Dodge Demon's from the factory, but I think they look great on Duster's too.

The car below I found on FABO. It has a full Caltrac rear suspension set-up and pulls a 1.31 60' time. Incredible.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sweet Weepin, Creepin Jesus!

Here we go... The obsession continues... Wish this was mine goddamit.

The O'Brien Truckers adaptor plate and all... The polished plate through those guys is $575.00.

5W Coupe Blown W/ Multi Carb's

5WCOUPEHUNTER (HAMB Member) is building this ridiculous 5w Coupe that is so right: Spindle Mount front rims, Cheater Slicks out back, perfect chop, blower, multi-carb -except for the fucking Ford Small Block this Coupe might be perfect. It's cool though, 5WCOUPEHUNTER, I gotta give props regardless...

Pics taken from the HAMB

Blown Multi-Carb Hot Rods


6x2 Set-Up on 4-71 Blower Thoughts...

Alright, haven't posted in about a week. I have been so wrapped up in getting parts for the Duster (and budgeting the engine), acquiring tools, and watching SMOKEY & THE BANDIT I & II repeatedly that I completely forgot about my sweet lil' 37 Hot Rod Hauler project.

Just to clear things up, I own two rad rides (although neither are road-worthy): my 72 Plymouth Duster (former and soon-to-be daily-driver) and my Hot Rod Hauler 96" wheel-base Rudy Truck (everyone needs a scary-fast pants-shitter hot rod to remind them they are alive).

I have boxes & boxes of parts for this fucker too. The plan for this truck is pretty dialed in, except one area: the induction system.

I am going to settle for a tunnel ram, but what I really want is a 4-71 blower topped with six 2 barrel carbs. It's not the blower that's out of reach per-say, it's the carbs. A Weiand 142 or 144 4-71 Blower from Summit would only be $2300, but it would be the $600 adaptor plate and six 9super7 Speedway carbs at $300/each on top of it that currently makes this plan out of reach. It boils down to this:

TUNNEL RAM, CARBS, & SCOOP................. $1000.00
6x2 CARB SET UP, ADAPTOR, & 4-71 BLOWER.....$4700.00

The fucked up part is, the tunnel ram will make almost as much power, but damn it would rule to have a blower with six carbs...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pro-Touring Mopars

A few I found. I'm not crazy about how all of them look necessarily, but I do respect how they are set up. I gotta give props to anyone who goes out of their way to get a Mopar to handle on factory-style suspension.

Precious Twins

Maddart over at FABO is wrapping up his 67 Twin Turbo 360 Dart, which has no problem inspiring Mopar Turbo Small Block Builds all over the U-S of A with it's earth-spinnin' 800 Horsepower Induction-sucking motivation.

God Bless You Sir.