Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Duster Grill Presto-Change-O

Eventually, when the Triple-Black Duster gets torn down for paint, I plan on stepping up to my aluminum 69 Valiant grill (arguably the bitchin-est grill in Plymouth history). Here’s an example of what the final product does to your boner-area:

A key item to acquire would be the 69 front valance, or modify the existing 72 valance (which is pretty tweaked after a Company Truck of some kind backed into me in the parking lot of a court-ordered AA meeting those asshole’s make you go to when you’re fighting DUI charges, but I digress...)

Until the car is disassembled, I need to live with a stock 70 or 71 grill I acquired, except it’s uglier than shit on a turd.

For some bologna reason, Chrysler cheese-dicked the be-jesus out of this particular grill with some gay-ass 70’s sparkle non-sense that made my soul cringe every time I looked at it

It’s important to get an idea of how these clips go together before everything gets taken apart, trust Daddy on this:

After five days of on-and-off sanding, I removed several years’ worth of Washington’s finest green algae scum from each plastic tooth, and got to see some primer soak in. (Note the very handy tool in the background. Fantastic for continuing paint progress in 50 degree weather)

I let her cure for several days while I turned my attention to the rusty upper grill mount.

Everything blacked-out and re-assembled with their appropriate shiny parts.

Much better. I can live with this for a while.

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