Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Death's Door Step

Obviously the entire hot rodding world (or at least the not-Boyd world) knows of DEATH'S DOOR STEP built by Dave Littleman Lohr. It has recently been awarded one of the top ten cars of the last decade by AutoCulture, and it fucking deserves it.


If this car isn't my favorite hot rod, it's way up there.

I have probably looked over these pictures a hundred times and everytime I do my mind wanders to scary-fucking-awesome places. Littleman is a RULER.

Part of the reason I am posting these pictures is the inspiration that I have gained by it over the last couple of years, and what it is now responsible for, I am switching gears on my 37 Ford Hot Rod Truck project.

The existing chassis/drivetrain set up will remain and I will wrap up that shit with an RPU body.

The new plans for the 37 envelope my mind with obsession so I feel like finishing the RPU is a chore, but fuck it, the heart wants what the heart wants.

Thank you Dave Lohr for being a straight-up, respectable, and highly-talented man who inspires thousands everyday.

Please enjoy these pics (NOTE: these aren't in any particular order of the Coupe's history)

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