Tuesday, February 1, 2011

'Should Be 7-10 Days To The Wrong Address'

I check my e-mail this morning to see how all my newly purchased friends were doing and where they were in their travels of the American Shipping System. All appeared to be well, except one thing, my set of Torsion Bars from PST.

Note, these were the first of the suspension products ordered on Jan. 26th. Every other suspension piece was ordered on the 28th and I had shipping confirmations for each of those vendors as of this morning. ’No biggie.’ I think to myself.

But a gut feeling told me I better check, and boy am I glad I did.

I call. For some reason instead of them needing my order number, they ask for my zip code, then year and make of my car to look everything up (I pray they do this for some kind of social study of what classic cars are in what areas of the United States because that‘s a helluva scary record keeping system).

So, Dude checks, I wait in silence for 2 minutes (quite a fuckin‘ while). Dude comes back and says: ‘Yep, shipping today. Should be 7-10 days to California.’

‘I’m in Washington’.

‘What? Oh. Jeez. Okay…’ Long story short, the Torsion Bars are shipping out today, to the correct address.

Sure glad I called.

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