Wednesday, February 16, 2011

6x2 Set-Up on 4-71 Blower Thoughts...

Alright, haven't posted in about a week. I have been so wrapped up in getting parts for the Duster (and budgeting the engine), acquiring tools, and watching SMOKEY & THE BANDIT I & II repeatedly that I completely forgot about my sweet lil' 37 Hot Rod Hauler project.

Just to clear things up, I own two rad rides (although neither are road-worthy): my 72 Plymouth Duster (former and soon-to-be daily-driver) and my Hot Rod Hauler 96" wheel-base Rudy Truck (everyone needs a scary-fast pants-shitter hot rod to remind them they are alive).

I have boxes & boxes of parts for this fucker too. The plan for this truck is pretty dialed in, except one area: the induction system.

I am going to settle for a tunnel ram, but what I really want is a 4-71 blower topped with six 2 barrel carbs. It's not the blower that's out of reach per-say, it's the carbs. A Weiand 142 or 144 4-71 Blower from Summit would only be $2300, but it would be the $600 adaptor plate and six 9super7 Speedway carbs at $300/each on top of it that currently makes this plan out of reach. It boils down to this:

TUNNEL RAM, CARBS, & SCOOP................. $1000.00
6x2 CARB SET UP, ADAPTOR, & 4-71 BLOWER.....$4700.00

The fucked up part is, the tunnel ram will make almost as much power, but damn it would rule to have a blower with six carbs...

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