Friday, December 24, 2010

Reversed Corvair Box For $220

If you are hotrodding and reaching the steering component arena of your build, and choose to go traditional-style (rather than cross-steer with a vega box), you likely are wanting a corvair box.

As you know it is expensive!

And you start thinking crazy thoughts like, "Maybe a F1 box will do..." DON'T BE A BITCH!

You can go the desired corvair box route and not pay $400 for a new one from Speedway (I heart Speedway, don't get me wrong).

Here's what I did:

- Buy a used Corvair box off eBay. I got mine for $120 (and it was aluminum!)
- Sent the box to Ron Pope to reverse. He did that, new seals, and greased bearings for $100, shipping included and he hit it with a coat of metallic silver spray paint too
- BAM! RESULT: You have a BAD MOTHERFUCKING reversed corvair box for $220 invested BITCHES!

Good luck.

2844 Hodges Ferry Rd
Kodak, TN 37764

Check him out on the web at WWW.EZTBUCKET.COM he has some ridiculous prices on little shit you need at way below even Speedway or eBay prices.

NOTE: When I got the corvair box on ebay, I went ahead and got a PITMAN ARM to go with it from the same seller for $30. DO THIS!!! Also, these were originally purchased in Fall 2008, and the box was reversed Fall 2010, so please don't expect to get the exact same deals I did.

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